What Are The Benefits Of A Maths Tutor?


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What Are The Benefits Of A Maths Tutor?

With the latest announcement requiring all pupils in the UK to study maths until the age of eighteen, you might be wondering if your child could benefit from a private maths tutor. 

And, as a parent, it’s only natural to want to instil confidence in your child’s abilities regardless of their current curriculum level. 

Today, we explore why hiring a private maths tutor might help to not only boost your child’s confidence but improve their overall maths capabilities and future exam results.

The benefits of maths tutors

Hiring a private maths tutor comes with many benefits for your child, including increasing confidence, developing knowledge gaps, preparation for their exam, and most importantly, undivided attention outside a crowded classroom. 

Maths continues to be one of the most controversial subjects among both adults and children in the UK. Deciding whether or not we truly need to know how to solve algebra problems remains a question up for debate. 

However, throughout the course of our life, whether we consciously realise it or not, we do use maths on a daily basis. From the simple art of telling the time and counting money at a cashier to the more important tasks such as managing our finances and bills, having a good understanding of maths certainly goes a long way. 

Additionally, there are many careers in which having a sound knowledge and understanding of maths is absolutely essential, including: 

  • Engineering 
  • Accountant
  • Data Analyst 
  • School Teacher
  • Financial Services 
  • And even a career in sports! 

With recent studies showing that half of the adults living in the UK have the same maths skills of a primary school pupil, hiring a private maths tutor for your child has never been more important. 

Let’s explore the benefits.

Increased confidence

Hiring a maths tutor for your child can and will increase their overall confidence when it comes to solving gruelling maths equations. 

If you find that your child isn’t exceeding to the best of their abilities in their mathematics curriculum, it may simply boil down to their confidence levels. There are times when a child just needs that extra push and words of encouragement to unlock their educational potential. 

Increasing confidence in your child’s abilities is extremely important as with such skills comes the ability to confidently ask questions where they are unsure, solve problems on their own, and most importantly, trust their own mathematical abilities. 

1 on 1 attention

If your child tends to be easily distracted or has a shorter attention span than most, hiring a maths tutor to provide well-needed 1 on 1 attention may benefit your child’s education. 

Typically, in the UK, there are up to 30 pupils within one classroom. With so much going on and huge scope for distractions, it can be easy for your child to stray away from their all-important maths lessons. While it’s completely natural for a child to join in on the hilarity within the classroom, doing so can have a serious impact on their mathematical abilities.

By hiring a maths tutor, you mitigate all distractions and allow your child to focus solely on their maths lessons and in turn, increase their knowledge, understanding, and overall confidence in their abilities. 

Develop knowledge gaps

A maths tutor is highly adept in identifying any knowledge gaps when it comes to your child’s mathematical understanding. After a couple of 1 on 1 sessions together, the maths tutor will start to develop an understanding of key areas that your child needs to focus on to improve their maths skills.

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to maths. While some children may be soaring in certain mathematical areas, there will be other areas that need a little extra work. 

Additionally, if you have noticed that your child simply isn’t picking up maths and all its wonders, hiring a maths tutor could be an excellent way to identify any undiscovered learning difficulties your child is dealing with. 

Recent studies show that in the UK, around 5% of people have “dyscalculia” – a learning disorder that affects a person’s ability to understand number-based information and maths. 

While this doesn’t impact their overall intellectual abilities, a maths tutor will certainly provide comfort and confidence in preparation for upcoming exams. 

Exam Preparation

Well-thought-out exam preparation is highly recommended for ensuring your child achieves their desired grading outcome. This can be achieved by utilising a maths tutor during the upcoming months before their exams.

Preparing for an exam can be a somewhat daunting task! We certainly remember our fears and doubts back in the day before an exam.

By going through the exam papers with your child in advance of the exam, a maths tutor will inevitably help mitigate stress levels, increase your child’s confidence, and ultimately set them up for absolute success.

Are Maths Tutors Worth It?

Now that you know the benefits of hiring a maths tutor, you might be wondering if they are truly worth it. 

Devoted to their craft, a maths tutor’s job is to enhance your child’s learning, knowledge and understanding of maths. Their overall goal is to ensure your child is set up for success during not only the exam period but also for the rest of their lives and careers. 

The bottom line? Yes, maths tutors are totally worth it. Particularly if you believe your child is struggling and needs that extra helping hand.

How do I Find a Good Maths Tutor?

Finding a maths tutor is relatively simple in this modern digital world. Your best option is to do a quick online search and find local tutors in your area. You should check for their maths specialities, reviews, prices, and availability to help you find a tutor best suited to your child’s needs. 

It’s worth noting that it’s important for your child to feel a comfortable connection with their maths tutor. Without this, your child may not develop the skills and knowledge that you are paying for! 

There are many online platforms where you can find maths tutors including tutors who can physically visit your child at home or hold maths lessons online. 

Choosing a tutor is not one size fits all, you must put your child’s needs first. Regardless of their current education, hiring a maths tutor can see many great benefits for your child by setting them up for success in both exams and the rest of their life. If you are looking for a maths tutor to help your child, get more info here.

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